Rules & FAQ

“All play, conversation and interaction amongst club members during play, and between club members and event staff must be kept friendly and peaceful at all times. No abusive or degrading language to fellow members or event staff will be tolerated.¬†Official WSOP Rules will be observed during tournament play. Play must be stopped immediately at the respective table of occurrence at the time of any grievance, and the outcome of grievances will be decided by the tournament director on the floor at the time of the grievance. All decisions made by tournament directors when solving a grievance are final. Tournament directors reserve the right to ban any member from play at any time if it is determined necessary by the tournament director to do so. Players banned from tournaments must forfeit any chips and points earned in the tournament and must leave the venue immediately. Individual occurrences of club members being banned from tournaments will be reviewed by management and a decision as to further action including but not limited to permanent ban from club activity will be decided upon by management. Any questions should be directed to the tournament director and will be answered promptly. We encourage all members to have a great time at our events, but ask each member to do so responsibly.”

Tournament Specific Rules:

“Each player will start with 1000 in chips-8 black ‘100’ chips, and 8 green ’25’ chips. Blinds will begin at 25/50 and blind level increases will be calculated based on the amount of players registered for the tournament. One 10 minute break will be observed at the half way point of the tournament. Tournament directors will break down tables accordingly, and players will be asked to collect his or her chips and move to a different seat.”